Joint Declaration of the Youth Organizations participating in the annual EDON Excursion to the Troodos mountain range

We, Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot youth have gathered here today to send out a strong message from the highest mountain top of our island for peace and reunification.

On behalf of various Youth Organizations from all over Cyprus, we call on all young people to come together and join the ranks of a common struggle that will make our generation the one that will build the foundations of a reunited and federal Cyprus without foreign troops and military bases.

Historically, our island has been targeted by the imperialist powers who have sought to use Cyprus to serve their geostrategic interests. Today, Cyprus is being used to carry out military operations in third countries in the wider region, and by doing so participating in the attack being waged against the struggling people of Palestine and elsewhere. By using our country in this way the interests of imperialism are being served and not the interests of the people of Cyprus. In addition, the impact on the environment of the military and spy systems that exist and operate within the military bases is of great concern. At the same time, the anachronistic regime of foreign bases is nothing more than a post-colonial legacy which must be terminated.

At the same time, we declare that our priority is the solution of the Cyprus problem. For our generation, the solution is literally a matter of life and death. We want and demand a solution that will render Cypriots as the real masters of their homeland far from any foreign dependencies.

A solution of a Bi-zonal, Bicommunal Federation, with political equality, as outlined in the relevant Resolutions of the UN. Within this context, we call on the leaders of the two communities to resume negotiations on the agreed basis for a solution, with full commitment to the Joint Communiqué dated 11 February 2014 and all the convergences that have been recorded since the 2017 Crans Montana Conference on Cyprus. Negotiations should be results-oriented and conducted with a sense of urgency. The status quo is neither acceptable, nor sustainable. A solution to the Cyprus problem is therefore more urgent than ever. The unacceptable partitionist status quo and the forces promoting nationalism and intolerance are creating more obstacles on the ground and in our people’s mind towards the goal of achieving a federal solution. At the same time, they are placing more and more obstacles in the way of our generation to live and create in a peaceful and prosperous homeland.

We call on all of you today on this excursion to sing and dance with us and show the way to a homeland of coexistence between the two communities and peace.

Let us all join the struggle for a reunited Cyprus and a peaceful future!

Long live our Common Homeland!

Long live the anti-imperialist struggle!

Long live Independent, United and Federal Cyprus!

Peace in Cyprus cannot be prevented!


Youth Organisations co-signing the Joint Declaration:

EDON - Unified Democratic Youth Organization

CTP Gençlik Örgütü - Youth of the Republican Turkish Party

TDP Gençlik Örgütü - Youth of Communal Democracy Party

Sol Gençlik - Youth of the Left Movement



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