It is inevitable that during this phase of capitalism, the imperialist predatory wars that were waged in the 19th and 20th centuries will continue and intensify. Especially in the Middle East, the role of the British, French and others historically was not just colonial and parasitic, but also divisive and destructive in cultivating hatred among the peoples and manipulating class, ethnic and religious divisions.

The Central Council of EDON Youth Organization salutes the thousands of students who exercised their right to vote, both in Cyprus and abroad, and who strengthened with their vote the student section of the Left in the student movement, The Progressive Student Movement PROODEFTIKI in the very difficult conditions our country and people are going through managed through the hard, organized and selfless efforts of hundreds of cadres and friends, to register a significant increase in its percentage vote of 2.7% (Note:4,980 out of a total of 12,478 votes, namely 39,91%).

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